Now it is time to be a Top Service Provider and be visible in the eduifly Home page.At eduifly you can simply became a top service provider by asking your service user to rate your profiles and your services this takes very few minutes and simple steps,steps are as follows;


1.Ask your Alumni and Current Students to Sign Up [Register as USER] using this link.[]

eduifly signup user id
eduifly signup User id

2.Once they create a profile ask them to Search your Institute Profile and Uploaded Service.

eduifly search page
eduifly search page

3.Ask them to Comment and Rate your Institute Profile and Services they have taken.

A.Rating for services provider profile;

  •  Click the Add provider review tab to add review and rating
eduifly service provider rating page

B.Rating for services ; 

  •  Click the Add service review tab to add review and rating
eduifly service rating page
eduifly service rating page

Key to Ranking Higher: The More Profile & Services are Rated and Commented the Higher You Rank.

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