Type www.eduifiy.com in your web browser where you will be greeted with the following page.

Before using any services or rating and reviewing the services and service provider profile of eduifly ,User id is compulsory. Following process involve to create user id:

Eduifly Home Page
Eduifly Home Page

Step 1: How To Sign up With Eduifly

Click the Signup tab in the Header Menu to get started with Eduifly
Post clicking the Signup tab

A.   There are Two Method To Sign Up With eduifly;

  • Social Buttons
  • Conventional Method i.e. Email Id & Password. [Password must be 8 character long]

Keep in mind you have to Select Service Provider before Clicking the Sign Up button

Once you Sign up, a verification email will be sent to your registered to email address. You need to verify your UN [email id] & PW [follow the instruction in the email].

Eduifly Signup Page
Eduifly Signup Page


Step 2: Login in With Eduifly

Eduifly Login Page
Eduifly Login Page

You can login to eduilfy trough social buttons, ONLY IF you have signed Up using the social buttons.
If your choice was the conventional method type in your VERIFIED Email Id and Password to Login.
In case if you forgot your password you can click in Forgot Password, To regenerate your new password.
If you want Eduifly to remember your Email id & Password than select the Remember me option.
If you want to stay logged in unless you Sign out from Eduifly than select Stay Logged in option.

Step 3: Profile Building Method 

Profile Editing Page
Profile Editing Page

Click the Profile tab from the header menu to access the profile page. Now Click the PEN icon in the Basic Profile section to build your profile.

Profile Building – User [Field with * are compulsory fill]

Profile Editing Page
Profile Editing Page

    Now comes building your profile with your details.

  • Choose whether you are an Individual Or Company

     Note that you can’t change the above two values once you save the profile

  • Fill all the necessary field with your detail and click Save at the bottom of the page.

    Update/Edit your profile follow the steps.

  1. Click on the Profile Tab in the Header Menu
  2.  Click on the Pen icon in the Basic profile section
  3.  Make the necessary changes
  4. Click on Save button

    Upload Profile picture

     Click on Profile Picture tab in the top left hand side of same page [edit profile page].

     Edit/Update Profile Picture

  • Click on the Profile Tab in the Header Menu
  • Click on the Pen icon in the Basic profile section
  • Make the necessary changes
  • Click on Save button

Step 4 : Change Password

To change the password

  • Click on Profile (Me) tab
  • Click on Change Password.

or you can regenerate your password by clicking on forget Password? While login.

Step 5 : Search, Book and Cancel a Service

Search the service

1.Search the required service/ Service Provider:

a)By using search option/ bar

  • Search as per the name of service/service provider by typing the name in “Search”
  • Search as per the location of service/service provider by typing the location on “Location”
  • Search as per the category click on “select category” and choose the desirable category

After typing the required data click on “search icon” or click enter on your keyboard.


    a) By using quick search

You can quick search from the types of services displayed as below


      b) In the home screen:

You can go through the top services and service provider displayed in the home screen. These are the top rated services and service providers.

There is a short detail of the services and service providers displayed as below:

  1. Click on the name of the service / service provider to view more details.

*Note that you can also view the services of every service providers through their profiles by

           clicking on     

Book the service

To book the service, follow the below step:

                   1.Click to “Enroll” in desired schedule of the service

                   2.You will see the enrollment confirmation details then to confirm the enrollment click on ”Confirm Enrollment”


Payment for the enrollment

  1. Now for the payment, fill out the details of your card ” Billing Information “



After  filling out the details click on “Pay Now”

You will get the Congratulation message as below:

To see all of your enrollments, click on Show all your Enrollments”

It is displayed as:

Click on “View button” to view the service you have enrolled.

Click on “Cancel button”  to cancel the service you have enrolled.

Type Cancel and Click Ok button

The service you enrolled on has been cancelled but in your profile every action you have taken i.e. enrolled, pending, cancelled is displayed in “service enrollment as below:

You will also get enrollment and cancellation notification to your email account.

Step 6:Rating on service and service provider profile

Click on the service or service providers that you want to rate on.

Click on “Add Review”

Fill your comments and rating to the service/ service provider. Then click on Submit

You will get the submission message as below:

View the rating done by other users

Click on “(3 Review(s) – click to show)”

Share Service

On the bottom of every service, there is a share option as below:

Click on any one of them: Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn on your account


CONGRATULATION!! Now Your User Profile is ready to be used.

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