Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a social communication disorder. The children with autism find interacting with people very difficult and challenging. Nonverbal communication is 85% of what we do. The child on the autism, struggles reading nonverbal communication. With milo, by taking nonverbal piece out, the children are now in the sound environment from a communication standpoint.

Robots4Autism and Milo is developed by Robokind. These robot are 80% effective as opposed to 3% for traditional therapy. Also, Robokind has created Robots4STEM, a visual programming language which help children do develop computer skills. Children learn logic of programming and how to control Jett, robot by using drag and drop programming language.


Milo is the robot that can walk, talk,move its arm and even model human facial expressions. He delivers lessons verbally in such a way that learners with autism can respond. Robots4Autism helps learner ages 5-17 to improve their behavioral and social skills and build up confidence. The children with autism can find social interaction confusing but by projecting videos on iPad and demonstrating human reactions with his own face .Milo has smart technology which talks 20% slower and has visual icons on his chest. It contains comprehensive social and emotional learning curriculum.

Features of Milo

  • Humanoid design
  • Consistent slower speech
  • Facial expression
  • Visual icons displayed on chest
  • HD camera for self-modelling ( mirror for practice)
  • Video modeling
  • Easy to use
  • Safe and durable
  • Seamless data collection

Milo’s friendly behavior and patience encourage ASD learner to interact with their environment. Milo is not only for ASD learner any one can use it to develop their behavior and social skills. The invention of these kind of technology has really contributed a lot in education.

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