There are few effective scientific methods that can help us on effective learning and enhancing knowledge in a systematic and scientific ways .They are mentioned below;

1.Study in chunks

Effective Study happens on small block sessions over a few weeks than one 10 hour a day.Sessions over a few weeks are far more effective than one 10 hour session.

This method can be applied for learning basketball, swimming etc.

2.Enough sleep

Make specific hour for study, don’t read all-night because improper sleep can damage your memory and reasoning skills.


Frequent practices will help you to magnify your knowledge and confidence in area you want to improve.

4.Listening to music 

While some studies and research have shown that listening to classical music can help for effective study by increasing concentration. Recent study found that studying with background of rhythmic music can be harmful to focus.

5.Stay away from your phone

Texts and social media notifications will be detrimental to your concentration so try to switch off for your 30 minute study session.

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