People learn by doing. The great tool for learning is games. It brings opportunities for learning. It is our brain’s favorite way of learning. Games are fun and school should be fun as well. But school life is like sitting and listening to a teacher lecture. This needs to be changed. Teachers should adopt different games inside the classroom which will make learning fun. Here are some interesting games which will be very helpful to teach new things to students or revising the academic lessons in fun way.


This games is to test each student’s understanding on the course. This can also be used as revision.


  • Prepare the list of questions that you have recently taught to the class.
  • Divide the class in two groups and ask question to each student one by one without letting him/her to discuss with their team. It’s objective is to test each student’s understanding of the topic.
  • If they answer correctly, each will get to throw a ball into one of the 3 paper cups, each marked with 5, 10, 15 points and get points for their team.
  • The team with maximum points wins. And award them with some prize.


This game trains motor skills and teaches critical-thinking, patience and teamwork



  • Split the class into teams
  • Set 6 or 10 cups which is tied in a string to the rubber band.
  • Each student holds on to one of the strings attached to the rubber band.
  • In order to lift them and carefully stack them into a pyramid, students work together and stretch the rubber band around the cups.
  • First team to finish wins.


This game helps you to practice lessons and also help in building class bond.


  • Write multiple questions in a light colored beach ball.
  • Let the students stand in circle.
  • One throws the ball the other students catch it. She has to answer the question which her right thumb’s touching. If she drops the ball, then you get to throw it back to circle.

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4. Follow the instruction:

This game teaches your student that there is more than one right answer to the same problem.


  • Pass a piece of paper to every student in the class
  • Ask then to standup and hold paper using two hands and close their eyes
  • Give the following instruction:
  • Fold the paper in half
  • Tear the upper left side of the paper
  • Fold in the buttom in and tear a small section along that folding side
  • Fold the paper into the triangle and tear one of the points of triangle
  • Now let them open their eyes and ask them to open up their papers
  • Everyone can see that their paper looks different from others. Though all of them were getting same instructions the result is different.

Turn any game into a learning experience by using 3 tips and they are:

  • Use games that you yourself and students wanted to play,
  • treat games as experiences, not instruction,
  • use inaccuracies to drive student’s inquiry.

You will see your students helping each other, having fun, and reflecting on what they’re learning.

“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.”