How to study effectively?

How to study smarter not harder?

How to finish my studies fast? …

These are questions most of the students always think about while studying. It does becomes boring, it does gets harder while studying for long. What if I told you, you can do twice of what you are doing now. It could require less effort, more interesting and much more exciting. Here are some studying techniques that can help you stay focused and learn more within shorter study sessions.

1. Take break in certain interval of time/ Study in chunked sessions:

The ability to retain information of average student diminishes after 25-30 minutes of reading. To study continuously for long will not be effective and meaningful. So reward yourself with 5to 10 min. of break after each 30 minutes interval and do something that you enjoy. Giving yourself rewards releases positive chemicals in your brain which induces your brain to do that task again and again. The more active and motivated you are, the more effective it will be.

2. Prepare study plan:

A goal without a plan is just a wish. A study plan will guide you to study in organized way. We all have 24 hrs in a day, create your personalized study plan on when to study and what to study. You will need to do some self-evaluation and create plan in such a way that you can apply it practically in your daily life. This will motivate you to keep going and yes don’t forget to consider the above thing “breaks in each 30 min”.

3. Take more effective notes:

The studies shows that, students who take notes by hand perform better in tests

and exam. So go try it now, what you write will stay for long in your mind. Instead of writing long paragraphs, write the main keywords and points then explain it to yourself. This works as revising and memorizing what you have already read. It will be effective if you convert paragraphs into graphs, charts, and image. While reading notes and book, highlight main points. Later while revising, the first thing you will see is those points.

4. Read as you are teaching/ Teach what you learn:

Teaching and learning are interconnected. When you are able to teach someone else, it verifies or confirms that you have fully understood and learnt the subject matter. This will build your confidence. If you don’t have anyone to teach you can do it alone as well. Ask yourself and answer yourself. Read as if you are teaching, read loudly this works as teaching your brain.

5. Study multiple subjects each day, rather than focusing on just one:

It is more effective to study multiple subjects each day, than to deep-dive into one or two subjects (Rohrer, D. 2012). Studying same subject for long will be boring and stressful, so to study smart spread out your study time for each subject. Schedule your study plan such that 1st study interesting subject, then after certain time read boring subject you don’t like much, then interesting and so on; this will make you keep going for long.

6. Spaced repetition

The things what we study once will store in short-term memory and to convert/move it into our long-term memory periodical review is essential. You need to focus on your Ebbinghaus curve (Forgetting curve). You forget things over time so to overcome this, use a technique called spaced repetition. If you studied a topic on day one, repeat it after atleast 3 days, 5 days and so on. The more you repeat things, the deeper the memory becomes and studies will soon be your habit.

7. Don’t multitask:

The studies shows that the person who is good at multitasking aren’t actually better than the average person. While studying focus on just one thing at a time and concentrate fully on that. Here are some suggestions to improve your concentration:

  1. Cut out the distraction i.e. social media, mobile, pets
  2. Read in that place where you won’t get distracted
  3. Keep the desk clean and keep the required things only
  4. No music while studying
  5. it on the comfortable place
  6. Set your mission:

If your mission is strong, it will make you keep going and going. This works as a motivation in your studies.The moment when you feel losing the fire of achieving your mission will motivate you to continue. Remove the blocks that are blocking you to get into it.

Your hard work is going to beat talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Never compare yourself with others, compare yourself with the past you. When you study, don’t study like a student, not like your friends, I want you to study like a lecturer. If you think like a beginner, you will prepare like beginner but if you learn to think like a master, like the lecturer what level of preparation would that require and act with accordance with that. Don’t rush, don’t take stress, love what you do and that love will emerge only when you keep on studying by using above ways and also set a strong mission which will motivate you to keep going. It becomes effortless, exciting and fun when you study with calm and patience and most importantly from your heart. Best wishes all of you.