Learning is an ongoing process, everyone is learning new things every day. Learning can involve; studying course book, learn to play musical instruments, learning to play basketball etc. In fact our mind is frequently learning new things in daily basis .

Learning  continuously is monotonous, on the other side memorizing all the things we learn is difficult parts.

But there are some fantastic ways which are scientifically proven and actually help to train your brain to memorize things quickly.

1.Working out

work out

Workout or exercises is beneficial for our bodies where as our brain also get benefits highly . Exercise makes our brain fresh and helps to improve our memory. One research has also found that exercise has immediate benefits on cognition in both younger and older adults.

2. Highlight and  Write down important pointshighlight

Writing down the important point over and over, help to memorized things fast.It also helps to improve abilities to memorize and words great for your memory recall.

3.Afternoon study


Some of the study has shown that concentrating in the evening on the task can help on effective long term memorizing the things than morning or night time.



Yoga is known to be a physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. Yoga is consider as an easy way to enhance brain power.it helps on muscles control and sensory perception.

5.Avoid multi-taskingmulti-tasking.jpg

Multi-tasking simply means performing more than one task at a time. This creates concentration on different field at one time .when it comes to learning process ,it is best to be concentrated on the one thing. Concentrating on one things can help to understand the context clearly and memorized the things for long term.

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