Every human being needs basic components like air water food etc. to survive. In today’s world Education is as important as this basic needs because education provide us knowledge and that knowledge helps to change our perception, it help us to see things in better way not only that education help us to build our skills and technique that are required to us in order to live.

What I think is Education is most important in everyone’s life.

It is important to children and it is as equally important for old age people .For example; children are given Education to learn their languages and speak their language in the small age. Education has play vital roles in my life as well and I personally feel education is intensely important, because it gives me knowledge of the world around me. Education has helps me to analysis the things around me, it has help me in take a good decisions for my life. It also help me to realize my duty and responsibility.

Education not only allows individual to succeed both socially and economically but it also allows community and country to succeed both socially and economically by developing it.

This is the reason why education is becoming increasingly important and it has now become a basic needs to everyone. Without education it is very difficult to make a living in today’s competitive world. Education is important for life it gives people the knowledge technique and skills they require. Education has no limit it is important to everyone.

Thus education is ongoing process One cannot say that they do not need education no matter how much degree he/she holds, how smart he/she is, how much quality of education they have or how much of experience is he/she has, education is always needed and it always improve us and education is never ending process if people stop their learning processor or end their education they probability will be backward in this competitive world.

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