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Meditation is an extreme form of concentration and essential portion of human life. The word meditation is derived from Latin word “meditation” which refers to intellectual or physical exercise.  According to The Buddhist Center, “Mediation is means of transforming the mind.  Buddhist meditation practices are the techniques that encourage and develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity and clam seeing of the true nature things”.  It is also a mental discipline and have several benefit for an individual.

With the change in time different changes has occur in education sector. Such as, addition of courses in different level, technological changes in education field etc. which makes education easy and effective. At the same time, it may raise the stress level of students. So, meditation becomes an essential part for students. There are numerous benefits of meditation for the students which includes developing confidence, improve memory Power, positive ideas, reduce depression, increase happiness, stress relief, increase IQ level, appreciate life and personal transformation.

Importance of meditation in student’s life

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 1.Increase IQ level

Many research has been conducted in different part of world and it’s proved that meditation increase IQ level of student’s. Meditation maintain balance in brain and provide relief which results improvement in memory as well as in IQ level.

2.Developing Confidence

In present context, Confidence is essential in every field. Student’s develop their confidence during the academic journey. Some student’s easily develop their confidence level where as some face difficulties in developing confidence. Meditation helps to develop the confidence level of student and helps to deal with challenges.

3.Personal Transformation

Meditation brings transformation in student’s life.  It improve the confidence and self-development level of student. Student’s learn to handle the pressure and challenges. They are also able to maintain good relation with peoples.

4.Improve memory power and lower stress

Meditation provides peace and relief to student’s which reduces stress. When the stress level is low then student can easily concentrate on particular subject. It also improve the memory power of student’s.

5.Reduces Depression

According to study most of the student’s are the victim of depression. Reason can be variable like some student’s might have scored poor marks in exam after months of hard work, betrayal from friends and beloved etc. Student’s who are facing such things undergo depression and take lots of time to overcome it. In this case meditation is very useful and provide peace and also reduces depression.

6. Increase positivity and keep student happy

Meditation is steps towards positivity and happy life. With meditation, student are able to discard negative thought and increase positivity which keep their mind fresh and active. When mind is fresh and active it automatically leads to happiness. Student who do meditation seems to be happy and cheerful.


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