Obviously there is no any doubt on the fact that Technology has made our life easier and convenient, but as everything has positive and negative impact.Technology also has its pros and cons in human life:


  1. Easy Access to the important information from all around the world. This has been only possible with technology like internet, mobile phones.
  2. Communication is essential for growth, No further progress can be occur without communication. Modern communication and technology have simplified the humans and businesses communication.
  3. Modern technology has also take drastic change in Entertainment industry. Video games, advance music systems and visual systems like smart televisions has improved the entertainment sector.
  4. Modern technology has helped to increase human as well as businesses Efficiency and Productivity. In present context modern technology has been integrated into many companies in order to increase productivity and quality.
  5. Invention of medical technology has greatly benefit the humans. The invention and implementation of modern technology in surgical rooms by reducing doctor mistake, has been able to save many live and cure harmful viruses.


  1. People are spending more time in social Medias, playing video games and learning how to use new technology. This seems to replaced our old way of interacting, having interaction with several friends through online make feel no need to go out to meet friends which at a later stage can lead to loneliness.
  2. Many company are using modern technology likes robots ,In order to compete in competitive business world which has replaced many human jobs with robots .Now robots are doing all those jobs which used to be done by humans. Thus human resources is being replace by the new technologies.
  3. Increase in dependence on technology. For example: Invention of calculator is a great thing, human beings no longer makes mental calculation in there brain but due to this Creativity of human brain is lost due to the binary logic of technology.
  4. Development of technology has lead to the invention of dangerous weapons like atomic bomb, automatic rifle etc. Misuse of these invention can lead to the death and destruction of millions of lives and also affected the overall creatures of the earth.