Education is an important medium of acquiring skills and knowledge. It is an important parts of human life that cannot be destroyed. Education always shows the right way and protect us from doing unethical behavior which is not accepted by the society. In today’s world, education has become one of the basic humans need.

education & moneyEducated people can differentiate themselves with others in different aspects like temperament, attitude towards life and methods of dealing emotional situations. Educated people are happier in mental in comparison to that only have got money. Uneducated people have dull & boring life and money doesn’t add any value in their memorable life. Money plays a vital role in our daily life. It is equally important for survival but there is no value of life without education. People are never against the money but life is incomplete without education. Life is a process of learning and it has no boundaries. Education is not bounded by age. Education and money can’t get connected easily by weigh their value for a comfortable life experience. Money is not an evil because there is nothing wrong with wanting to make more money and designing prosperous life.

Education is, therefore, a very important tool that is essential for every person. Education helps people to develop positive social relations, fit in different stage of life, acquire knowledge and live a good and peaceful life. Therefore start investing in education and cheering for better education.