“Technology can become the wings that will allow the educational world to fly farther and faster than ever before – if we will allow it”.  –Jenny Arledge

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Era of 21st century is often regarded as an era of technology.  Today, Technology paly the vital role in our day to day life. With each passing day a new software or gadget is introduce which makes work more effective and easy. Technology has numerous benefit in various sector. Such as education sector, health sector, telecommunication sector etc.  Modern technology has been beneficial for students to obtain the education information.

Now a days maximum schools, colleges and universities use technology such as computer, projector and many more, in order to provide education in effective way so that student can easily understand and absorb what they are being taught. There are many educational app which provide online courses.  There are numerous benefits of technology in field of education. Such technology makes teaching easy, provide effective environment for study, encourage individual learning, improve knowledge and improvement. Education technology is essential in student life.

Why Education Sector Need Technology?

Now a days teaching strategies are based on educational technology. Maximum number of students are engaged in using the technology which includes educational app, mobile, computer etc. These technology assist to learn effectively. The reason why education sector need technology are mention below.


1.Makes teaching easy and effective

In present context, Traditional way of learning is replacing by modern way of learning smoothly. Maximum students are engaged in technology. Use of educational technology leads to learn effective and better performance.

2.Encourage individual learning

The learning capacity of students is different from one another and their own way of learning style. Technology provide the opportunity to learn student in effective way. With the help to technology student can learn in their own speed and also encourage individual learning.

3.Improve engagement

Use of technology in field of education leads to improve in engagement. Technology help to make study more interesting and joyful.  Also increase the student participation in different field.

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